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When carrying a conversation with photographer Erinn Springer, it immediately becomes evident that she’s an impulsive and inspired artist. As she scans her surroundings, she sees no need to create something out of nothing. On the contrary, she recognizes the beauty hidden in the folds of the seemingly mundane and accentuates it so that others may admire it as well:

A graduate of Parson’s School of Design, the vibrant woman is an open advocate of exploration. Though she’s described her image making method to be spontaneous and very much inspired by the moment, the discovery of new places and people leads her camera into the images she feels most strongly about.

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Though Springer’s lifestyle may come off as bohemian and happy-go-lucky to a fault, her enthusiasm and commitment to capturing all that is unique has developed into a lucrative, fulfilling career. Her Instagram account serves as a working public diary of all that her eye can see, and it caught the attention of prospective clients. She eventually took up work in travel and lifestyle photography as a means of feeding her wanderlust and cultivating a voice for every captivating moment captured by her camera.

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Springer’s advice to fellow photographers is straightforward: be true to yourself and feel the moment as best you can. When you feel most inspired or compelled to share, that is the time to take a photograph. While this counsel may feel overly simplified to the hyper-analytic artist, there is certainly something admirable to the straightforward honesty of following artistic instinct and one’s own heart.

“If you look at a portrait of somebody, if they’re in a house, and you look at a portrait of them in the house, I want you to be able to smell the house and imagine what that house feels like.”

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