Instagram Presets for Lightroom

Nowadays more and more of professional photographers and graphic artists are using the popular app Instagram in their work. The Instagram filters are now famous for their vintage character and perfect colours rendering. The one thing that might limit Instagram use for professionals is relatively low resolution and output quality issues of smartphones. And this is the point where this ultimate bundle of Instagram presets for Lightroom comes to help. We were able to arrange a discount which has now expired, sorry about that, stay tuned to see what’s next!

instagram presets for lightroom

Instagram Presets for Lightroom: The Ultimate Collection

This is the most complete package of presets for Adobe Lightroom designed to emulate filters of the popular Instagram app. Two collections Insta-1 + Insta-3 in this one bundle. 35 Lightroom presets in total. So you get all the old and new presets from various versions of instagram.

What is included?

  • 2 folders (Insta1 + Insta 3) containing 35 beautiful Lightroom presets
  • Currently one of the highest rated preset collections by Adobe customers.

Each preset was back-engineered by a group of digital imaging professionals over a few months to be as similar as possible to Instagram’s filters. They even have the old-school filters like Gotham if you preferred the original filters better from earlier versions of Instagram. Originally these presets were designed for using with normally exposed jpeg/tiff/psd images. Of course, you can apply it to any of your RAW files but the result will be quite unpredictable due to differences in RAW formats which different camera manufacturers have. So they recommend converting your RAW into picture format first. I tested them with RAW files from a Canon 5D Mark III and they worked great.

instagram filter presets

Filter/preset examples from part of the collection

Insta1 contains the old-school filters such as Lomo-fi, Sutro, Lily, and Poprocket.

Insta3 contains the new-school filters such as Amaro, Hudson, Hefe, X-pro, and Valencia.

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4 responses to “Instagram Presets for Lightroom”

  1. Joe Barranco says:

    I don’t understand what you are saying or I don’t understand what to do: “So they recommend converting your RAW into picture format first.” In Lightroom how do you convert a raw file into picture format??

  2. Julia Olsen says:

    I take all my images in both camera raw and jpg. That way no conversion is needed. How to do this should be in your camera documentation.

    But if you have images in lightroom, you can export them to a number of different file formats:

    file–>export–>then there are a number of settings you can choose, be sure to scroll down.

  3. David Oakley says:

    Works for me. Thanks.
    I can confirm, the result is quite close to Instagram.

  4. Mara says:

    Is it from
    Potentially interested in their film presets bundle. Are you planning to post a deal with it?

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