How to Make a Timelapse

When I was first attempting timelapses I ran into a wide range of differing opinions on how to undertake the process. It can be very overwhelming trying to capture and process a good timelapse sequence, not to mention how to assemble it into a smooth video. I wish I had found this eBook earlier to save on a ton of trial and error, but I still ended up learning a lot from it about the whole process. Found here: The Time-lapse Photography eBook


The Complete Guide to Timelapse Photography (Click to Learn More)

Recently updated, Time-lapse Photography by Ryan Chylinski is a new COMPLETE guide to shooting, processing and rendering time-lapses using a dslr camera. 350+ images, diagrams, and workflow illustrations – Printable summaries and checklists.

Some of the Many Topics Covered:

  • Time-lapse gear from basic to advanced: cameras, tripods, intervalometers, ND filters, lenses, and time-lapse motion control devices (motorized sliders, panning, tilting)
  • Balancing time-lapse image settings, how to fit all those pictures on your memory card and the important considerations regarding aspect ratio and HD quality
  • How to shoot time-lapse: composition, exposure, dragging your shutter and selecting the right time-lapse interval to get the look you want
  • Time-lapse flicker: What the heck is it, how to prevent it, and if it does occur how to correct it

  • Creating the time-lapse movie: Everything you need to know about time-lapse video software, easy to follow workflows and walkthrough of free and not so free rendering applications, codecs and frame rates, output settings, adding music and effects and where to upload and share
  • Test your time-lapse skills! Intro challenges covering astrophotography time-lapse (Astrolapse), flicker free day to night transitions (the time-lapse Holy Grail), HDR timelapses and time-lapse motion control devices
time-lapse photographers

Timelapse Photographers at Work

The level of innovation in this field, especially over the last few years, is incredible. Not only are we quickly fixing problems that have plagued photographers for years, but advanced camera controls and processing tools that used to be cost prohibitive are now becoming affordable for the most basic hobbyist.

“It’s a very exciting time to pursue time-lapse photography.”

It’s certainly unfair to recommend any one time-lapse clip as an example as there have been so many stunning works released recently, but this one does a great job of showing the effects time-lapse photography in a wide range of lighting conditions. Check it out if you are unfamiliar with time-lapse photography:

“For me it’s freedom. Time-lapse is a strange thing: It can free you from the normal flow of your routine and all the busyness of life, yet at the same time it can connect you to your surroundings more than anything else. It is an awareness we seldom experience.” -Ryan Chylinski

How to Get the eBook:

The guide comes in PDF format that can be read on computers, phones and most tablets.

Found here: The Complete Guide to Time-lapse Photography

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  1. I love timelapse, but the music in this video is SO good!

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