How to Build a DIY LED Lighting Setup for Photographing Still Life

Professional commercial photographer Alex Koloskov has made an insightful video outlining some of the advantages of a DIY light setup. He demonstrates how you can build your own setup using LED light bulbs that are readily available in many stores for a fraction of the price of dedicated photography lights. He even gives an in-depth look at how to use the LED setup to create beautifully lit images:

Koloskov proves that using a daylight balanced LED light, like the Feit Dimmable LED or the Utilitech 90-Watt bulb, and a DIY diffuser and reflector (see the original post here), it’s possible to get acceptable images to use in your portfolio.


Koloskov used two of these outdoor decorative LED bulbs for this shoot.


The setup.


Final image.

Kolosklov made the image above using just two of the Utilitech bulbs. One was set up on the side of the vase through a DIY diffuser. The second bulb was reflected at full strength onto the wall behind the vase.

The setup is an easy and affordable alternative to dedicated photo lights.

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2 responses to “How to Build a DIY LED Lighting Setup for Photographing Still Life”

  1. Jason Yu says:

    very nice tutorial. Alex is an amazing photographer!

  2. Wow awesome definition with the use of the LED’s. I really enjoyed the tutorial too. I think I’ll have to switch to the same technique.

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