Ease Your Workflow by Using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop Presets

The tool presets in Photoshop are some of the most under-utilized, yet super-useful functions in Photoshop. Presets save custom settings, allowing you to reproduce the same look or action to images with minimal effort. They’re especially helpful if you have multiple images that need a certain look or feel to them or if you have a setting you use over and over again. Photoshop comes with a number of presets built in (great for trying out new ideas), but you can also create your own. Bryan O’Neil Hughes share more about how to use presets in the video below:

Tips for Using Photoshop Presets

  • Make sure to use adjustment layers so that you can turn things off and on and play around with blend modes.
  • When editing videos, remember to convert to a smart filter first so that whatever change you make to one frame applies to the entire video.
  • Create a preset each time you’ve edited a photo and like the results enough that you’d like to apply the settings to other pictures.
Photoshop Presets

Presets exist throughout Photoshop and are huge time savers.

Remember, you can create a preset for just about anything you do in Photoshop, from brushes and custom shapes to document sizes and cropping dimensions—if you do it often, preset it!

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