Documenting a Vanishing Bike in NYC with Timelapse Photography

Have you ever wondered about those bits of bikes you sometimes see chained to lampposts and railings? In this short film by Lifecycle, we follow the fortunes of an everyday bike that was chained to a New York post over a period of 365 days using timelapse photography:

When first chained to the post, the bike was fully loaded with a bell, basket, lights and much more. Taking one photograph per day, the film reveals the bike slowly being reduced to nothing before our own eyes. By day 269, the bike had gone completely.

The Vanishing Bike on the Seventh DayTimelapse of the bike by day 268

So next time you chain your bike to a post, make sure you take everything with you, or of course you could start photographing it on a daily basis.

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4 responses to “Documenting a Vanishing Bike in NYC with Timelapse Photography”

  1. Barry Kidd says:

    It seems I’m on a time lapse photography video kick today. Either way this is without a doubt one of the most unique of the videos I’ve watched.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I guess you can only leave something in one location for so long before people start taking —— advantage of it.

    Thank you for sharing and have a happy day,


  2. cecil Walker says:

    The disapperence of that bike happens 261 days too late. If I needed to use that post to lock my bike I would have severed those expensive locks with a cutting disc in full daylight in front of everybody to see.
    If you think I’m being self righteous, you should understand that there is no reason why someone can be led to believe that they can occupy public space with their property and think they can leave it there for free.
    Besides, somewhere between days 210 and 216 there is a note taped to the seat. Probably a notice to either remove the bike or lose it.

  3. Maricha says:

    where I come from it wouldv’e taken less than 365 minutes to loose the bike! Whole motorcars have been stripped before the breakdown arrives! What a world we live in!

  4. John says:

    Lived in Amsterdam for 18 months – the home of push bike.

    Fair to say, you will hardly ever see a new bike in Amsterdam, because it ill be stolen. The biggest underground industry in Amsterdam is stolen bicycles.

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