Contrastly Lightroom Presets

The Contrastly presets bundle includes 1,000+ professional presets categorized into 26 individual themes from Infrared Sims, Dramatic HDR, Film Sims, Portrait Retouch, Long Exposure, and a lot more. Found here: Contrastly Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle

exposure adjust

Exposure Adjust Presets

From adjusting the actual exposure, to recovering highlights and shadows, this set of Lightroom presets does it all. Need to adjust the exposure in the foreground? No big deal! Want to bleach an image a bit, they’ve got you covered.

portrait presets

Professional Portrait Retouching Presets

Retouching portraits is indeed an art form – but these presets can help! Just want to add a global retouching preset? Sure thing. Need to make finder adjustments? Totally.
From bleach effects to enhancing group photos, lowlights and highlights, this set has you covered.

hdr lightroom presets

Dramatic HDR Lightroom Presets

Some photographers use multiple photos of the same subject shot at different exposures and then merged together to create HDR-like effects. But, with these easy-to-use HDR Lightroom Presets, you’ll be able to increase the dynamic range of your photos, and create amazing faux-HDR effects with just a single photograph.

film presets

Achieve the Tones of Vintage Camera Films

Don’t we all love the look of film? The Film Sims presets included in this package were based on many famous films like the Fujicolor Natura 1600, the Fujicolor Super G 100, Konica Minolta Centuria Super 200, Rollei Digibase CR200, and many more. Give these presets a try and add some vintage film grain effects to your digital images.

sharpness and clarity

Sharpness & Clarity Presets

Enhance your images and bring back some (or a lot!) of the vibrance and saturation you remember from the original scene. Those presets will add dramatic sharpening and clarity to your images – all in a single click.

split tones

Split Tones

From sepia to more color-specific split toning options, these presets will sure be a great addition to your post-processing arsenal. They also allow you to adjust the contrast of your images to make the split toning effect even more apparent.

long exposure

Bring out the best of Long Exposures

Using a longer exposure time is a very popular technique, especially when it comes to landscapes photos. Don’t we all love those images of smoky waterfalls, or stunning light streaks? These Lightroom presets are designed to enhance your long exposure photos.

saturated cinema

Saturated Cinema Styles

Inspired by motion pictures and tv series, these presets will achieve desaturated effects. Perfect to give your images a simulated cinematic look. They can also help with the  highlights, lowlights and saturation of your images.

noir and blanc

Black and White Presets for Gorgeous Monochrome

These will make your color photographs shine in black & white. It has been said by many photographers that black & white images have more soul – well these Noir & Blanc Lightroom presets will preserve and even enhance the soul in your images. Enhance shadows & highlights, adjust the contrast of your b&w images, and also add some vignetting if that’s something you’re into.

color cast

Color Casts

In many cases, color casts in original photographs can be an annoyance, but in this case we prefer to call them a blessing. Whether you need to add a general color cast to an image that was shot with improper lighting, or you simply want to create a cool effect, these presets are here to help.

noise handling

Fix High ISO Noise Heavy Photos

These presets are designed to soften up the noise in your images and make them beautiful again. They can have a very subtle impact on noise in your images, of course the more noise your image contains already, the more apparent the effect will be.

landscape presets

Express the best attributes of your Landscapes

Landscape images often lack in contrast and vibrance – this is where these presets will come in handy. If you want the skies to pop in your landscape shots, or give the foreground the attention it deserves, give these presets a try, you will not be disappointed.

matte and pastel

Matte & Pastel

If you’re looking to add soft color or matte finish effects to your photos, look no further. It’s obvious why this style of photographs is so popular – it creates soft and dreamy images. Of course, as with all Lightroom presets, you can customize the intensity of the effects to better suit your own images. There is also a selection of black & white matte presets included in this set.

light leaks and flares

Light Leaks & Flares

This set includes flare presets in low, normal, hi settings, as well as 20 flare presets. With this set you will get a great variety of effects and a myriad of different flare and light leak positions and intensity.

grain edits

Grain Edits

Add a good dose of character and grit to your images (color or black & white) with these presets. Whether you like a tiny bit of fine grain, or a lot more noise, they have you covered.

autumn harvest

Presets designed for Autumn & Harvest season photos

Add warmth and vibrance to your autumn & harvest photos. Bring out the reds, oranges and yellows, all while retaining the magic of the original scene. Fall colors are rich, and the light is great for shooting landscapes this time of year.

infrared photography

Infrared Photography Presets

Even though we cannot see infrared light with the naked eye, some cameras can. For those of you who don’t actually own such a camera, this set of presets offer you the convenience of turning your images into infrared photos in just a single click. Includes blue, green, red and yellow priority presets – which can yield amazing results – as well as more general infrared settings, contrast boosts and sharpness.

saturation adjust

Get your saturation just right

Saturation is one of those things that is often confused with clarity or contrast, but it’s a thing all on its own. The Lightroom presets included in this pack will increase the saturation in your images and make them pop and stand out.

portrait retouch

Professional portrait photography presets

Retouching portraits can be quite challenging – ensuring the highlights and shadows are consistent and making your subject shine is no easy task.This new set has a lot to offer, from general adjustments that will bring out the contrast and clarity in your subject’s face, to more desaturated and subdued looks, as well as a great selection of classic and modern black & white presets.


Lomography Effects

If the names Diana and Holga ring a bell, you’ll love this set. Lomography is mainly characterized by high contrast, vignetting, color casting, and soft focus effects. These presets are the next best thing after actually shooting with a Lomo camera – without the hassle of film, and with the instant gratification of digital photography.

film presets

More types of legacy film presets

Connoisseur of fine film photography will remember films such as the Agfa Color Portrait 160, Agfa Vista Plus 800, Ferrania Solaris FG PLUS 100, Kodak Ektacolor Pro 160, Rollei Retro 80s, and Kodak T-Max 3200. The presets included in this pack simulate all those famous films, and many more.

retro and vintage

Retro & Vintage Styles

Vintage photographs often exhibit artifacts like grain and noise that older film cameras brought to the table. From general contrast adjustments, to more complex specialty effects, this set has you covered.

Haze & Fade

haze and fade

Sometimes a photo has just too much contrast and saturation. Why not add a little bit of haze to create a subtle faded look? This pack includes 11 fade and 9 haze presets to help you achieve this beautiful effect in your photos. These presets work especially well with landscapes, street, and any photo that has great natural lighting.

solar spots

Solar Spots

Sometimes even a great image needs a little more solar power. Each preset comes in normal, low, medium, and hi versions. This way you can control how much sun you want to add to your image in a single click. Need a little bit more solar power in the top right of your image? Done. What about a massive sun spot in the bottom left corner? No problem.

contrast adjust

Contrast Adjust: Get it just right

Images sometimes don’t come out as we’d expect. After all, the human eye can see so much more detail than a camera sensor. What about contrast and vibrance? Well, the bundle includes 72 Lightroom presets to include in your workflow that will help with that. Whether your image needs more contrast, or less, the presets in this set will come to the rescue. You’ll be able to adjust the contrast of your images with a single click – in some cases with dramatic results

Make your Lightroom post-processing workflow painless. Stop creating adjustments from scratch! Get a head start with those easy-to-use one-click presets. You’ll save time & energy and will be back behind the lens in no time at all.

How to Get This Bundle of Preset Collections:

The presets are simple to install and are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC. They work on both Mac and PC, and can be used with RAW or JPG files.

Found here: The Complete Contrastly Lightroom Presets Collection

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  1. F Bierman says:

    Hi, I have owned this package for a while, but cannot seem to figure out how to see the individual slider settings that make up any given preset. Can you help me understand how these presets are built, so that if I want to tweak one component of a preset, I can do so? Thanks very much.

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