Commercial Photography Techniques for a Fitness Brand

Commercial photographer, Dean Bradshaw, recently photographed an assortment of athletes for the 2012 Startrac ad campaign. In a short film documenting the shoot, filmmaker, Charles Thi, captures some of the equipment Bradshaw uses along with a few of his shooting techniques. The video takes viewers on a behind the scenes tour of the various sets used throughout the shoot. Being able to see how Bradshaw lit the different sets was pretty awesome, those of you who like to equipment spot will be treated to all kinds of eye candy in this one:

For the photoshoot Bradshaw utilizes HDR processing techniques with excellent studio lighting to yield some pretty incredible end results:

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2 responses to “Commercial Photography Techniques for a Fitness Brand”

  1. Bill says:

    Great for advertising but seem over-processed for any other use.

  2. Kate Benson says:

    Serious gear envy from watching this! But it motivates me to think bigger!

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