Choosing the Right Photography Backpack

We spend a lot of time deciding on what camera body and lens to get. The same applies to the lighting equipment as well. But when it comes to camera bags, most of us really don’t put in a lot of thought. Usually we end up getting whichever is the cheapest or something that’s barely functional. If you’re really serious about photography, you will probably want to spend some time carefully selecting the right camera backpack for you. Today we have photographer Jessica Kobeissi reviewing her four favorite photography backpacks. If you’re not sure about what things you should look for when getting a camera bag, be sure to watch the video:

Remember that camera bags are not there just so you can stuff your gear in them. You need to seriously consider a lot of variables when choosing the right one. For instance, the safety of your gear should be one of your major concerns. This means adequate padding, weatherproofing capabilities, and zippers that open only from the back so others cannot easily access your gear.

Another important aspect is comfort/convenience. See whether or not you can easily rearrange the internal layout of the bag based on what gear you’ll be carrying. If you can’t rearrange your gear easily, you’ll want to look for other options. Then there are other features like extra support, the padding on the shoulder straps, space to carry your laptops or tablets, and so on.

If you’re looking to get yourself a camera bag, make sure you watch the complete video. You’ll get an idea of the major things you need to consider when choosing your next camera bag.

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