Art of Boudoir Photography

This is sort of a new one for us, we have never mentioned a deal on boudoir photography before. But many readers have requested articles on it and the publisher of this popular guide offered us a discount, so it is a good opportunity for those that are interested.

This is also an excellent field guide that can be taken to photo shoots on a tablet or computer to be used as a lighting reference for the photographer and a posing reference for the model (having an official reference guide will make both parties much less nervous).

In order to receive half off, simply remember to use the coupon code PICTURECORRECT at checkout.

It can be found here: Boudoir Photography Guide

Although boudoir photography is as old as the camera itself, it’s only in the last decade that it has become a popular and legitimate art form that many women seek out as gifts for their spouses.

Many photographers have made a lucrative career out of it and portrait photographers often offer it as a secondary service to supplement their income.

Over the years Michael Zelbel developed a method to shoot wonderful beauty photos with a set of lighting gear, that is so small, it fits into my hand luggage when traveling. Which enabled him to walk into any client’s bedroom and turn it into a stage for breathtaking boudoir photos within minutes.

As unlikely as it sounds, a bedroom is an ideal location for taking beauty and nude photos. It gives you substantial opportunities for manipulating the light and positioning your model, which makes it, in essence, a studio. Plus, for non-professional models, relaxing in a bedroom is much easier. Zelbel used to use large gigantic softboxes, and octaboxes, and powerful monoblocks, but he found that a small mobile lighting kit was much more practical and worked just as well.

Some of the many topics covered (77 Pages):

  • Introduction
  • The Perfect Studio
  • Hot Shoes – For Hot Lighting
  • Prime Time – For Your Lens
  • Great Little Gear
  • Playing Light Jockey
  • Choosing the right Lingerie and Accessories
  • Clothes that Won’t Work
  • One Light Setup
  • Bodyscapes
  • One Light + Accent Light
  • One Light + Kicker Light
  • The Lighting Sandwich
  • Beauty Light
  • Natural Light
  • Back Lighting
  • Many Examples along with Lighting Diagrams
  • Posing Your Model
  • S-Curve
  • Facial Expressions
  • Choosing Interesting Angles
  • Bonus: Posing Cheat Sheet Field Guide

“Too many guides on beauty photography feature examples photos which are a selection of the top photos from the portfolio of the author. I followed a radically different approach. This ebook is an extremely honest book. I used a single photo extensive session to demonstrate all my lighting setups, all poses, clothes and techniques discussed in the book.” -Michael Zelbel

How to Get a Copy:

Our readers can receive a discount (just remember to use the coupon code PICTURECORRECT at checkout). It also carries a 60 day guarantee, if you do not think it is improving your photography just let them know and they will give you a full refund so there is no risk in trying it.

It can be found here: Boudoir Photography Guide

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