How to Use Reflectors Photography Course

A reflector is the photographer’s first lighting tool and in many ways the most crucial and effective. This new course from professional photographer Jay P Morgan is designed to help master everything there is to know about reflectors in photography to capture stunning portraits consistently. Found here: The All About Reflectors Course

all about reflectors

All About Reflectors Course

All About Reflectors was designed for photographers and videographers who are looking to improve their lighting or find alternatives to expensive lights.

This downloadable video course will show you step-by-step how you can use a reflector  just like Jay P. Morgan does. Take the guesswork out of using reflectors and use them correctly so you take better photographs!

What You’ll Learn From This Course

  • the proper way to use a reflector so you can get professional, controlled results
  • how a reflector opens up a person’s eyes and makes them look more inviting
  • understand the different sizes and shapes of reflectors so you will know what is right for you
  • how to make DIY reflectors that have been used in Hollywood for years, inexpensive options that will give premium professional results

reflectors course

reflector portrait

  • 12 different reflector lighting setups that you can replicate
  • how to use reflectors by yourself when you don’t have an assistant, so you can work alone
  • how to use reflectors in the shade so you can work in any lighting conditions
  • how to bounce light around a corner so you can get light in very tough places

With over 80 minutes of instruction from Jay P Morgan, this digital download will give you the confidence you need to take the next step in your lighting journey.

reflectors setup

reflectors example

About the Instructor:
With 25+ years in commercial photography, Jay P. Morgan has used reflectors hundreds of shoots. He has shot for a variety of clients including entertainment, consumer products, fashion, and high tech companies.

Found here: The All About Reflectors Photography Course

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