9 Common Mistakes by Beginner Photographers

Mistakes are totally acceptable. We’re all human after all. But if your mistake is purely out of ignorance, then that’s something you might want to be careful about. In photography, when we talk about mistakes, we typically think first of the mistakes in exposure settings and composition. But, what we often ignore are the non-technical factors that have an immense role to play to help you develop as a photographer. In this insightful video, photographer Jiggie Alejandrino talks about 9 common mistakes that beginner photographers often commit:

Getting the exposure, lighting, and composition right is an important aspect of photography. But, these technical things aren’t the only elements of your photography you should be concerned about. As Alejandrino beautifully elaborates on in the video, there are other equally important factors too that we often don’t consider seriously enough. Most of these factors are psychological and behavioral.

When it comes to gear, you need to understand what you need, and not just what you want. Not only that, but if you want to thrive in the industry, be sure not to undermine yourself. Have an understanding of the industry, the working standards, and the quality of deliverables. Then set your rates competitively. If you undervalue yourself, people will try to take advantage of you.

Another important matter regarding protecting your work and yourself is having contracts. Contracts are a legal way to have your deliverables and intent with the work written down in black and white. To develop as a professional photographer, it becomes essential that you’re well acquainted with such legalities. We don’t suggest you try to get by without it.

Besides these, Alejandro also touches on a few other common mistakes that beginner photographers tend to make. Be sure to watch the complete video. These tips will really be useful to help you develop as a photographer in a practical way – not just technically.

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