5 Beginner Tips to Take Better Photos

As a beginner photographer, you’ve probably gone through a lot of articles and videos on the web. We’ve all been there, and it can be pretty overwhelming. While there are a plethora of learning resources available, having a grasp over effective measures is important. To help you out in your photography journey, Kyle Taggart has shared this list of 5 easy photography tips:

1. Manual Mode Can Wait

While it’s important to understand how manual mode works, it can wait. It’s not true that you need to always shoot in manual mode to be a good photographer. Manual mode lets you make adjustments to various variables so that you have all the control over the final image. But, you don’t always have the time to fiddle with the settings to get it right. And if someone continuously fails to get good images while trying to stick to manual mode, chances are that they will get discouraged.

It’s a good idea to use semi-auto modes like aperture priority or shutter priority mode when starting out. This way, you still have some control over the important parameters. You can then gradually graduate to manual mode when you think you’re ready.

2. Include Perspective

When starting out, we get so excited when we come across photo opportunities that we miss out on adding a sense of perspective to the image. For instance, if you come across a beautiful landscape, have something like a cottage or a person in the frame. This adds a sense of scale and makes viewers realize how grand and majestic the landscape actually is. In other words, it adds perspective to the image.

a person in a landscape image for perspective

3. Shoot Through Objects

Shooting through objects or structures adds a sense of depth to an image. This also helps you in drawing viewers’ attention to your subject—what you want them to see. You can even look for ways to frame your subject with other elements to accentuate their importance and make them visually appealing. Try shooting through windows, fences, branches, or grass.

reflection of a mountain in a mirror

4. Shoot More Photos Out of Focus

It doesn’t hurt to try out a path that’s less traveled. Instead of having your subject in sharp focus, see if you can get creative and get an interesting result with the subject out of focus. To do this, set your camera to manual focus and adjust focus to make things appear blurry.

Keep in mind that it will not work well for every kind of subject. So, be sure to have your creative hat on for the purpose.

“Not everything has to be sharp. Not everything has to be perfect. Sometimes, imperfect is cool.”

out of focus image of a ferris wheel

5. Take Different Types of Pictures

When starting out with photography, it’s necessary to keep yourself engaged and challenged. If you’re getting bored with one style of photography, make an effort to try out something different and new.

“I highly recommend for you to try landscape photography, try street photography, try taking a portrait of somebody you don’t know or you do know.”

street photo of a police

Having an understanding of different genres of photography will allow you to think differently and apply your understandings differently. Besides trying out new genres, try to shoot using different lenses and focal lengths. Be sure to try out the different shooting modes in your camera. The idea is to keep trying out something new.

“Don’t just get stuck in your own set of ways and then realize that you’re not growing or you’re getting bored.”

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