Timelapse Photography Used to Document Construction of World’s Largest Ship

Watch the biggest ship in the world being built in a mere 76 seconds. Constructed in Korea by the Maersk Line, the Triple-E is 400 meters (approximately 1,312 feet) long. Maersk partnered with the Discovery Channel to produce the presentation, which has been compiled from 50,000 photos taken over a period of three months:

In a shipyard in South Korea workers are building the world’s largest ships – 400m long Triple-E container vessels. The 20 ships are called the ‘Triple-E’ class for the three main purposes behind their creation — economy of scale, energy efficiency and environmentally improved — the ships will set a new industry benchmark for size and fuel efficiency.

Four-hundred metres long, 59 metres wide and 73 metres high, the Triple-E is the largest vessel of any type on the water today. Its 18,000 TEU (twenty-foot container) capacity is large enough to hold 111 million pairs of sneakers.

world's largest ship timelapse picture

The World’s Largest Ship: the finished product.

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