Sports Photography Session to be Used for Composite Imaging

Photographing athletes is exciting, but it can also be a challenge. To help create powerful, crisp images of the South Carolina Gamecocks football team, photographer James Quantz, Jr. decided the best plan of action would be to work with composite imaging. Using an assortment of studio lighting on location at the arena, Quantz ran the athletes through a variety of poses. Take a look at the video below for some behind the scene footage:

Qauntz photographed the athletes individually during one on one shooting sessions. He then merged the individual portraits together using composite photography techniques to create the image you see below, as well as an assortment of images that will be used in various Gamecock promotional goods.

sports photography

“The goal is not only to get what we came to get visually, but then to have a fun experience for the people involved. Let’s get the job done, but let’s make sure we are having a good time doing it.”

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