Six “Expert Tips” Beginner Photographers Should Ignore

As a beginner photographer, you might go through an endless number of photography resources, coming across other photographers who’ll give you countless pieces of advice, specifically telling you what to do and what to avoid. These kinds of comments are restrictive, however, and take all the fun out of photography. However, professional portrait and event photographer Omar Gonzalez has a different approach. He believes that learning photography should not be so complicated. He shares six things that beginner photographers should ignore and some things you should really be careful of:

The very first dilemma that beginner photographers face centres around which gear to buy. There are a lot of variables around this concern. Some experts will suggest you get the latest model as it packs this many features and that many megapixels. Or you’ll find a group of diehard fans who’ll insist you buy a particular brand just because they’re loyal to it. As Gonzalez rightly suggests in the video, it is best that you avoid such people. They’re blinded by brand loyalty. This is true both for lenses and cameras alike.

When it comes to gear, Gonzalez recommends that beginners get something second-hand. Second-hand cameras and lenses still pack a lot of value and you can buy them for much cheaper. Just be sure to check that there are not defective.

You’ll also come across discussions and suggestions of how a certain brand’s color science is better than the rest, and how you should always stick to manual mode. But again, such things are subjective. You can adjust the colors to your liking by shooting in RAW. As for the shooting mode, you will realize as you practice, semi-auto modes like aperture priority and shutter priority are also equally effective—sometimes more effective than manual, in fact.

As a beginner, it is important that you think more about lighting, composition and ways to take compelling photos. At the end of the day, taking beautiful photos is what will make you happy.

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