Shooting Lifestyle Photos for Commercial Photography

As advertising agencies increasingly gear their ads toward specific demographics, lifestyle photography becomes more and more important. In this video interview, John Schell, a San Diego based commercial photographer, talks about how he got his start in the business and what it takes to keep thriving as the competition grows:

Schell grew his now thriving business from the ground up; it started as a hobby. As the positive feedback came pouring in, he nurtured his creative side and started taking photography more seriously. It was a natural progression for him to turn pro.


Schell likes his work to look unposed.

Schell says he draws a lot of inspiration from his surroundings, primarily the sunny atmosphere of southern California. Over the years, his style developed naturally and has now become somewhat of a signature look for the artist.

photographing people

“It’s the idea of creation it’s the idea of constantly putting stuff out there. Of having people respond to your work with Facebook likes or Instagram likes or whatever. Having other people say ‘Hey, I really like your work, I like what you’re doing, keep it up!’ That pushes me a little bit. That pushes me a lot, actually. I’m incredible lucky to have been supported as I have through this.”

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