Quick and Easy Tips to Improve Your Food Photography

Whether it is something special made on a rainy afternoon or a birthday cake, food photography is something that we do without even realizing. The following tips can be used by anyone looking to improve their food photography skills:

Good Backgrounds

“Good pictures starts from the back.” — Marcin Lewandowski

There can’t be a more apt epithet to emphasize the importance of good backgrounds in your photos. A good background accentuates a good subject. Your backdrop is as important as having good lighting or framing in the most tasteful way.

food photography background

Now, a good background is a subjective thing. It depends on the preferences of the photographer, the food you’re shooting, and the demands of the client.

tips for food photography

A rustic table top, a plain white plate, or an ethnic table cover could all work depending on what you’re shooting. You’re free to choose your own style and use your creativity.

food photography tips

Props for Food Photography

Kitchenware and utensils can serve as props to accentuate your shot. Look around what you can use and let your imagination run with it.

Bits, Pieces, and Leftovers

accentuating food photography

Never think that bits and pieces won’t work for your photos. Sometimes these frequently overlooked pieces in the kitchen can really add that all important dash of spice to your food photos. Things like a few drops of cream (in the right place), a dash of spice with an enticing appetizing color sprinkled over your food, or a few herbs to add a bit of freshness can really turn a photo from plain and boring to something absolutely gorgeous.


lighting your food photos

Lighting is the key to photography, regardless of genre. It’s often been said that food is best photographed in front of a large natural source of warm diffused light—essentially a large window. But if your kitchen doesn’t have the perfect window, don’t fret. There are other options.

better food photos

Experiment with different types of lights, including ring-flashes and candles.

There are as many styles and approaches as there are types of food in the world. Experiment and let your imagination take over. Hopefully, these tips will help you along the way.

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