Portrait Photography: Window Light & Reflectors

Using natural light is one of the basic means of lighting in the world of photography. Though using a reflector helps brighten faces, other than a camera and some sunlight, the method requires no additional equipment and is capable of producing well lit portraits. Below, Jay P. Morgan shows us how to use only a reflector and some window light to produce different moods throughout a photo shoot. He also takes on the task of explaining to viewers how to light two different skin tones in the same photo and it’s much easier than you might imagine! Take a look:

If you’re shooting two different skin tones, place a reflector closest to the darker hair and skin tone so that most of the light reflects onto them. The rest of the reflected light, or fall off, will subtly brighten the fairer skin tone without blowing it out. If you’re working without a reflector, just be sure to place the fairer of the skin tones the furthest from the light source.

window light portraitsportrait lighting

 “Dont be afraid of hard light. It can dramatic, moody, and pretty all at the same time. Let the highlights blow out a little, play with it.”

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