Portfolio Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

What happens when you take a fine art photographer and a fashion photographer and have them shoot the same model, in the same wardrobe, at the same location? If the photographers are Brooke Shaden and Lindsay Adler, you’ll get some amazing photographs that portray each photographer’s style respectively. Take a look at the following behind the scenes footage of the two as they take turns photographing Sonalii Castillo in rural California:

As you can see at the end of the video, Ashley might have had the better natural lighting. By the time it was Brooke’s turn to shoot, the golden hour had just about passed, but by the looks of her portfolio, she knew exactly how to handle the fading sun.

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One response to “Portfolio Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes”

  1. gopal says:

    No doubt, Brooke helped Ashley, she too cud have the opportunity of sunlight using another angles., as she cud imagine that there is no chance at sunsetting….Ashley’s work is nice.

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