Interesting Photo of the Day: Sunset from Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is rightly popular as a location for the perfect vacation. The beautiful tropical weather, diverse culture, and the amazing volcanic landscapes make it a paradise on Earth. Hawaii boasts some of the youngest rocks, and interestingly many new volcanoes are taking formation around the area. All in all, the sublime weather and interesting geology are heavenly for nature lovers and photographers alike. Photographer Mark Sage took the following image of a sunset from Hawaii, and it really showcases how mesmerizing the Hawaii islands can be:

sunset in hawaii

“Magical Sunset from Hawaii” by Mark Sage (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Sage took the image on a Canon 5D mark IV at 16mm, f/9.0, ISO 125, an exposure of 0.3 seconds, with a .9 soft grad neutral density filter.

“When the fire skies meet the receding waves, that’s really something special.”

Everything about the image is mesmerizing. While the beautiful golden sky and interesting cloud patterns remain the heroes of the image, the other elements in the image are equally captivating. Even the rock formations on the shore are noteworthy. They’re extremely old lava rocks that have taken a few million years of ocean and wind pounding, which makes the image all the more thought-provoking.

Equally interesting is the way the image progresses from the rumbling waters in the foreground to a calm ocean in the background. And the reflection of the golden sky on the ocean water adds to the calmness in the mid-ground.

The photographer has indeed done an excellent job with the colors, the lines, and the overall composition. Have you been lucky enough to witness such an exceptional sunset?

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