Interesting Photo of the Day: Plane Soars Through a Solar Eclipse

Perfectly timed photos are something everyone can appreciate, although, probably not as much as the photographer (You know, that person pulling the fist pumps and exclaiming, “Yes!” to themselves in the corner.) This image was photographed just as an airplane crossed the path of a solar eclipse in January 2010:

solar eclipse national geographic

A jet is photographed at the perfect moment, just as it crosses the path of a solar eclipse over Bangkok, Thailand in Janurary 2010. (Image Via Imgur. Click to view full image.)

Chaiwat Subprasom captured the image in Bangkok, Thailand, where this first solar eclipse of the decade was said to have temporarily blacked out 57 to 80 percent of the sun over Thailand. Originally published in National Geographic’s  gallery, Eclipse Photos: ‘Ring of Fire’ Shines Over Africa, Asia, the image was later selected for the editor’s picks for the year’s best space pictures.

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