Interesting Photo of the Day: Perfectly-Timed Dolphin Races a Surfer

It’s a beautiful confluence of chance: a good wave, a strong surfer, gorgeous sunlight–and, to top it all off, a dolphin pops into the frame, just as the photographer presses down on the shutter. As much a testament to luck as to skill, this image tells a lovely story of nature gracing man with a perfect moment:


Dolphins are a rare sight close to shore, but this one took a liking to the surfer. (Via Imgur. Click for larger image.)

The image was captured by Matt Hutton, an Australian landscape photographer who was testing out some new lenses on Kalbarri Beach near Perth. The surfer, Trent Sherborne, had never met Hutton before and was just as surprised when two dolphins began jumping up alongside him.

“He was a lucky surfer to not only ride one wave, but two with these dolphins… I was watching for about two hours and he was the only one that I saw that managed to get a nice wave with the dolphins breaching.” –Matt Hutton

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