Interesting Photo of the Day: Koi Dance in Takayama

The long exposure photography technique has so much potential. But practically, its usage has been limited to a few redundant concepts. If you try to get more creative, there’s much more scope to using the long exposure technique besides shooting light trails, light painting, and star trails amongst others. Take for instance the following image that was taken by photographer Jose Luis:

Koi in a pond

“Koi Dance in Takayama, Japan” by Jose Luis (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is actually a result of exposure bracketing that Luis did in order to cover the whole dynamic range. Then, he took another 4-5  long exposure shots at 0.6-seconds to capture the motion of the Koi in the pond.

“It was funny how the Koi came to wherever I was. So, I had to move around the pond to have them all around in the photos.”

The Koi are the hero feature of this fantastic image. The short burst of long exposure has beautifully captured the wiggling motion of the fish and made them appear like strokes made with colorful paintbrushes. The long exposure has taken the image to an entirely new level.

Further, the school of Koi in the pond also acts as a compelling foreground and an equally compelling leading line. They help in drawing us into the shrine in the background. Such a beautifully composed and well taken image!

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