Interesting Photo of the Day: Into the Heart of a Glacier

Who knew that the world could look so beautiful through thick sheets of ice? Looking from the inside out, Belgian photographer Jean-Francois Chaubard delved deep into an icy corridor to capture this incredible scene:

ice cave

“Ice Cave Dream II” by Jean-Francois Chaubard (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Iceland has become a must-see destination for adventurers and artists around the world. The dramatic landscape above illustrates the magic those visitors believe lies within the frozen, sparsely populated island nation. If the first legs of his journey hadn’t done the trick, Chaubard almost certainly became enamored with the country when he found himself facing the expansive Vatnajökull glacier while attending a photo workshop.

Despite the treacherous surrounding terrain, the allure of the icy blue walls proved to be a photographic opportunity that could not be missed. A dwarfed figure, precariously balanced on an exterior ledge, provides some context on how truly massive the structure stands. Most appealing of all may be the organic, abstract shapes formed by the erratic peaks and valleys of the ice. The photographer claims to see an alien of some sort hiding among the highlights and shadows.

No matter what you may see in today’s photograph, there’s one thing that’s easy to agree upon: when you’re willing to go the extra mile, you’re bound to come across a show-stopper.

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