Amazing Hubble Telescope Zoom of Spiral Galaxy

NASA releases pretty amazing images for astrophiles to enjoy and study, and the image below of the spiral galaxy ESO 137-001 is one of those gems. In the vertiginous video below, you can watch as the image spins and zooms deep into space, eventually revealing the runaway spiral galaxy which is over 200 million light years away:

The image was taken using Hubble’s Wide Field Camera, or WFC3. Since its installation in 2009, the WFC3 has shown great usefulness in the work NASA is doing. WFC3 has greater resolution and a wider angle of view than its predecessor, the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2.


The Wide Field Camera is capable of seeing near-infrared light, visible light, and near-ultraviolet radiation, giving it the potential to be 30 times better than the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2. The video and image you see above were taken with help from the Hubble Space Telescope, a project shared by NASA and the European Space Agency.

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