Interesting Photo of the Day: Golden Gate Traffic & Fog

The Golden Gate strait in San Francisco is easily one of the most iconic landmarks with many photographers flocking each year to photograph it. For those who are unaware, the area experiences a natural phenomenon when the fog is lying so low around the Golden Gate Bridge that you can see the top of the bridge towers peaking above it. This makes for one of the best conditions for an enthusiast to photograph the engineering marvel. Take for instance this gorgeous image captured by photographer Marcin Zajac:

low fog event at golden gate bridge

“A Long Exposure Shot of the Low Fog Event at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Franciso” by Marcin Zając (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Zając took this image by exposing the scene for 30 seconds. And because he exposed the image for so long, you can see such stunning light trails from the car lights. Interestingly, the mix of the light and the fog has added an overall glowing effect to the image. This further gives an unreal look to the image. Moreover, the glow also gives a feeling as if it’s not the light from the traffic, but it’s lava instead.

It’s also beautiful how the long exposure has worked beautifully to give an ethereal look to the rolling fog. If you look at the clouds, you can make out how soft and fluffy the sea of fog appears. And even though the entire landscape in the background is engulfed by the fog, the way the top of the bridge still manages to stand out gives it a majestic feeling.

This might be the most-photographed landmark in the world, but this image definitely stands out from the crowd. Kudos to the photographer!

Have you been able to witness this phenomenon? We’d love to hear about your experience.

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