Interesting Photo of the Day: Floral Sunrise at Mt. Baker

Landscape photography is undoubtedly a demanding genre as far as patience is concerned. You cannot just drop into a place and expect to take masterful photographs immediately. You need to factor in composition, lighting conditions and other natural elements in the frame. Planning is thus a key factor for landscape photography. Photographer Ross Schram von Haupt displays a master class in patience: he waited four years to get the following shot of Mt. Baker in Washington State, and the results are truly magical:

mount Baker during sunset

“Flowers Blooming in Mt. Baker Region” by Ross Schram von Haupt (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Haupt took the image on a Nikon Z6 with the Nikon 14-30 f/4 lens at 19mm, f/16, ISO 200, and 1/13s. He also focus-stacked images to keep the mountain and flowers sharp.

Since he snapped the image during sunset, there’s quite a contrast in the nature of the light that’s hitting the mountain and the foreground. The golden light adds so much charm and structure to the mountain while the flowers are already under the shadow. However, the brilliant mixture of colors in the flowers still makes for a pleasant foreground.

The artist says he’d been trying to take this kind of shot for the past four years, but because his ideal spot requires a lengthy hike, he only bothered when the conditions were right. But even if the weather cooperated, some years the flowers wouldn’t be in bloom, or the clouds wouldn’t look right. This time he got lucky, as everything was in his favor.

One important lesson we can learn from the photographer is the value of persistence. If you were in his place, wouldn’t you be thrilled that your patience and tenacity finally paid off? It’s important to never give up, even if you don’t get the shot you want. There’s always next time.

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