Interesting Photo of the Day: Beluga Whale vs. Baby at the Mystic Aquarium

Parents who’ve taken their children to an Aquarium like the one in Mystic, CT know some of the pain in taking pictures that preserve the memories of the day. It’s tough to frame a shot that features both your youngster and whatever sea life you happen to be gazing upon at the moment. The secret? Bring a baby—any one will do—and use him as bait:

beluga whale baby mystic aquarium

Beluga Whale Meets a Baby at the Mystic Aquarium (Via Imgur, Click to See Full Size)

Though it’s tempting to project a certain amount of intent onto the whale as it swims, gaping maw and all, toward the baby, this is more likely just a matter of great photographic timing (or a smart use of Burst mode on the camera). Belugas mainly eat fish and invertebrates, and in captivity they consume 2.5 – 3% of their 3,000 lbs. of body weight per day. With apologies to Jonathan Swift, this little guy would be a very modest proposal, indeed.  

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