Interesting Photo of the Day: A Portrait in Technicolor

Remember how we emphasize that the eyes need to be sharp every time when taking a portrait? Well, there is quite a good reason for it. The eyes are what adds life to a portrait. Also, viewers are naturally drawn to the eyes first whenever viewing a portrait. Everything else comes second. Just have a look at the following portrait taken by photographer Marco Marroncelli and see for yourself how important eyes are in a portrait:

“Portrait in Technicolor” by Marco Marroncelli (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Marroncelli took the image on a Sony A7III at f/2.8 with ISO 100. His use of colors in the portrait adds so much of vibrance to the image. He’s intentionally used a blank wall for the background and had the subject wear a plain T-shirt. The colors on her body and her eye color are thus the only dominating colors in this image. However, her eyes are still able to stand out.

It’s like he formulated the color palette in a way to complement and emphasize the subject’s eyes. The color scheme is definitely on point. It’s amazing how her eyes are able to stand out despite being surrounded by different colors that are relatively more intense. It’s also the way her hands frame her face subtly guides us to her piercing and alluring eyes. And finally, there’s the catchlight in her eyes. Like icing on the cake, the catchlight adds a spark of life to the entire image.

Don’t you just love the look and feel of this image? It’s really a beautifully taken artistic portrait indeed.

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