Wet Plate Photography Studio in a Truck Touring America

When most people think cameras, they think of small hand-held devices that can easily be tucked away into a back and carried about. But, if you ask Ian Ruther about his camera, he’ll tell you it’s the size of a delivery truck—literally. That’s because Ruther converted a truck into a mobile camera and processing lab, in which he travels the country creating large wet plate prints. Take a look at Ruther’s journey in the following video:

For those unfamiliar with the process, wet plate photography uses the collodion process which requires a silver bromide emulsion to develop the photographs onto sheet metal. Most of Ruther’s prints are done on 36 x 24-inch sheets of metal. Each print costs Ruther upwards of $500 to produce. But the results are unique works of art, made using an antiquated, but visually stunning process.

wet plate photography

The Amazing Process of Wet Plate Photography

As you saw in the video, the process has been trial and error for Ruther and it appears that his diligence is paying off.

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4 responses to “Wet Plate Photography Studio in a Truck Touring America”

  1. LRBullock says:

    It was incredible watching you work; such artistry. I even liked the ones you didn’t. Breathtaking…thank you for the journey. It’s the hard that makes it all worth it.

  2. Steve says:

    I’m amazed not only by the beauty of your work, but also by the beauty of how you work. You are the next Ansel Adams and I don’t say that lightly. Thank you!

  3. i realy love your incredible work!!!

  4. Larry C Pulliam says:

    Are you coming to Raleigh North Carolina anytime soon ??

    Larry P.


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