Touching Photo Album of Man Finding His Dog in Tornado Wreckage

When a tornado touched down in Illinois earlier this week, it hit the city of Washington hardest of all, leaving devastation in its path. But out of the rubble—literally—one family found something to be thankful for. Jon Byler Dann and his family were huddled in their basement, safely sheltered but missing one family member—their dog Maggie—as the storm destroyed their house overhead.

When they emerged, everything was gone and Maggie was nowhere to be seen. But more than 24 hours later, while searching through the rubble for anything salvageable, someone heard a faint bark. They immediately began to pull aside the debris and found Maggie buried alive underneath the rubble, wrapped in a large piece of carpeting. The 11-year-old dog was obviously traumatized and suffering a dislocated hip, but alive against all odds.

The album below depicts Jon and Maggie’s tearful reunion:

“I felt intense relief and elation but also just panic,” Jon told The Weather Channel. “I’m very thankful and blessed to have my wife and my children. And finding my dog today was just unreal.”

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