10 Dog Photography Hacks

This video will melt your heart. Having a dog in the household and being a photographer invariably means thousands of cute dog photos. But unfortunately, not all of those photos turn out quite the way we want them to. These simple hacks from Phil Harris will take your pet photography skills to the next level:

1. Window light

Window light is the best light for producing cute dog photos. Especially, if you don’t have artificial lights.

how to shoot cute dog photos

2. Phone light

Use your phone’s flashlight as a fill light to produce beautiful photos.

dog photography hacks

3. Tin foil

A piece of foil, crumpled to taste, can be a great tool for shooting pet portraits. Here is a beautiful example of how you can create beautiful bokeh in the background.

tricks for dog photography

4. Upside down reflection

Find a puddle or pond and take a picture of your pet’s reflection.

how to shoot cute dog photos

5. Mirror white space

A reflection in a mirror can be used to produce an interesting portrait that makes use of negative space.

10 dog photography tips

6. Fairy lights

You can never go wrong with a few feet of fairy lights.

creative dog portraits

7. Plexiglass

Take a rectangular shaped piece of plexiglass and hold it close to your lens to create a mirror image of the subject in the frame. Sort of a kaleidoscopic effect.

how to photograph a dog

8. Prism

Or, try holding a prism near your lens.

dog photography ideas

9. Phone flare

Hold your phone’s flashlight close to the camera lens to catch the light flare.

tricks for dog photographers

10. Change perspective

Get down low or up high to shoot from unusual angles. You’ll probably end up capturing shots that you’ve never envisioned.

dog portrait perspective

One thing that Harris didn’t share is how he managed to keep his dog so steady throughout the shoot. What are your tips?

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