Soccer Celebrity Attempting to Have Tea in the Age of Selfies

It’s a fine day. You decide to take a long drive. Then you stop for a cup of tea with your friend at a tea shop. You sit down at a table and everyone is looking at you. Many whip out their cameras to take a photo of you or with you and they tell you that they are a great admirer of your work. Does this sound outlandish? Well, it’s not if you’re Cristiano Ronaldo:

This marketing stunt was done for a brand called ROC (a partnership between Cristiano Ronaldo and branding and retail expert Incubrand) and digital content company Shareability. They decided to count how many sips of tea the football superstar could have versus the number of photos he had to oblige. What happened was probably expected.

People at the store not only requested their own photos be taken with Ronaldo, but they also called in their friends! Soon people passing by, those working at the store, and people working at nearby stores queued up, as well.

Cristiano Ronaldo at a tea store

How many sips can a celebrity have versus the number of photo requests

More than 100 photos were taken before Ronaldo decided to blow the full-time whistle on this stunt.

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