Reporter Stalks the Paparazzi

Paparazzi have, rightly, earned themselves their notorious reputation from the intrusive and aggressive tactics they employ to get a shot. It seems, sometimes, that there is no barrier as to what is acceptable behavior for a Paparazzi to adhere to. In this video a reporter from Vice decides to turn the tables and hunt the hunters. Warning: This is controversial to say the least with explicit language and vulgar content. Many have argued with this segment, saying most of the problem lies with the media companies who purchase celebrity pictures and video. What’s your opinion?

In the first part of the video we see an anonymous Paparazzi photographer being questioned as to his motives and methods, and he reveals that there is a sort of “code” between Paparazzi.

paparazzi photographers

In the second section of the video, the Vice team takes to the streets near popular celebrity venues and starts confronting the resident Paparazzi. Far from being aggressive and defending their territory and integrity, they tried to hide or run away from the Vice cameras. It seems that although the Paparazzi lack many things, shame is not one of them.

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7 responses to “Reporter Stalks the Paparazzi”

  1. Mark says:

    Odd how the paps they get to “grips” with not a single one has a camera on them yet seem “seedy” i would honestly love to pap the paparazzi and stalk them and drag their dirt up but this is FAKE … totally explain how not one single “pap” has a decnt cam or rig” they cannot hide that gear the vid shows them with flashes strobing like mad yet the guys jumped have nothing… odd at best … fake at worst .. yes paps suck yes they are the lowest form of tog on the planet … what is worse is faking the thing any decent tog would love to do “hunt ” the “hunter” give me a decent rig and some “haunts” i would sooooo follow their asses to a divorce courts and b to law courts….. yet here we have someone who faked it sry guysbut callin you on this

  2. Pat says:

    Very interesting project! However not exactly well-conceived or executed. And the “paparazzi” are neither evil monsters nor are they innocent dupes of a totally f****d system. They are men and women who are responsibe for their own ethical behaviour and moral standards, but at the same time, we, as consumers and fellow participants in this culture cannot hold them to higher standards then we are prepared to hold ourselves to, or our CEOs and politicians. So I’d like to see this project repeated in a more thoughtful and thorough manner. I could imagine MM doing a really good job with this one, if he could be convinced to do it.

  3. Deb says:

    I agree with Mark.

    Furthermore, with regard to the “paparazzo” in the interview who says he tried to get jobs as a wedding photographer etc. but was turned down, maybe that’s because you’re not as good as you think you are.

  4. Dub says:

    wtf mark they have better cameras then you i bet your talking like they are using P&S fuji cameras or something who in their right mind pap or not would rig out when you have to be on the move non stop. i would love to see mark full rigged like a moron trying to run through streets and alleys and people with a shit ton of gear. you would learn right away a nice body and maybe a couple lens and a good flash is all you need for speed in the game.

  5. Jason says:

    This is a very serious problem. The idea is that we must look at this through different point of view. I’m sure most of us here can agree that pap is crazily aggressive and can be intrusive. It is not okay to be disrespectful like that. On the other hand, like the guy said, perhaps this is really what he got. He’s a human too, he’s trying to be productivity and earn his own money. People complain about homeless and what not, well would you prefer a pap or a lazy bump that sits around and just get feed by the government, also known as tax payer’s money? Not to mention, the only reason pap exist is because of media that wants those pictures. The reason that those media wants those pictures is because people wants to see them. If anything, the source of issue is consumers that wants to see those kinds of photographs. They are the true “mastermind”, the pap is only the dirty job workers.

    It’s almost impossible to settle this issue. Passing a set of “rules” or laws that control their action would be nice.

  6. D says:

    Sadly in my former time with top media, i was sent to work alongside some paps so our news group didnt have to buy images from them. At times we even partnered with them to get different angles or to not miss the shot.

    We heard their stories and saw them in action first hand. While we tried to be smart, legitimate, operate legally and get classy pictures, we saw real paps operate like dogs mauling and doing whatever dirty act needed, often trying to antagonise to get the money shot. They break any rule and do what it takes to create a bigger payday.

    Yes they do it for the money and a job, but like this guy its often because they are not professional enough to hire elsewhere. They are not well trained photographers. I saw newbies being traing by the seasoned ‘pros’. They had no idea about the art of photography, but its more like, here is your big camera and lens, leave it on auto and just push in there to get the shot no matter what. Very sad!!

    I suppose the voyeristic public are really to blame. If the mags werent so hungry for the pics and didnt pay good money like they do, these guys wouldnt be clambering over celebs and each other fighting for the shots.

    To call these cowboys photographers is an insult…. there is no art to what they do. Just get a clear exclusive shot, more animated and more flesh the better, then its payday. Untrained, you could do the same thing with your point n shoot camera… and thats why they do!!

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