Proposal on the Mountain: A Stop-Motion Love Story

Well, this is just adorable. A photographic (and photogenic) duo from Washington, DC trekked all the way up to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada and hiked up Fairview Mountain, where the fella proposed to his lady; they kiss and smile and hold hands and take thousands of photos to share with the world. Very colorful, very cute:

Don’t be totally fooled by the cutesy style, though: these people are professionals. Lindsay King runs her own wedding and creative photography studio down in Washington, while her husband-to-be, Greg, is a full-time graphic designer. They both carry a Canon 5D Mark II along with a whole bevy of lenses—and, presumably, piles of memory cards for videos like these.



It’s a good pitch for both their business and Banff National Park, Canada’s oldest national park, which encompasses much of the Rocky Mountains and is one of Canada’s most-visited tourist attractions.


I mean, aww, jeez, aren’t they just so cute? The bar just keeps raising for endearing YouTube proposal videos.

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