Photographer Proposes During Aurora Borealis Time-lapse Photography Sequence

Sunsets, rainbows, waterfalls and fireworks: what do they have in common? They have been used countless times as backdrops for marriage proposals. For photographer Alex Rivest, it was the aurora borealis:

Against the stunning views of the Northern Lights, he got down on one knee.

proposing against the aurora borealis nightsky

She said yes!

This natural light display can be seen in high latitudes such as the Antarctic or Arctic regions. Thousands of people flock to these places every year to witness the aurora borealis.

the aurora borealis or the northern lights

NASA predicts an increase in solar activity in the next couple of years, so pack up your timelapse gear, bundle up and start planning your trip because this is as good as it’s going to get for the next 10-15 years.

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  1. PhotoStorys says:

    The lights in the southern hemisphere are called Aurora Australis.

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