Photographer Gets Adorably Crushed by Seals

The mission was a daring one: to travel to Antarctica and follow the footsteps of Tom Crean’s hundred-year-old icy expedition. While the full two-part documentary, produced by Irish broadcasting network RTÉ, aired to substantial acclaim several years ago, the real golden moment is this two-minute long clip of host Charlie Bird being cuddle-sandwiched between two friendly seals:

It’s unbelievably adorable. Beyond words, really. All Charlie can do is laugh hysterically and repeat how “truly remarkable” the whole thing is. The way the seals flop over him, slowly and deliberately, is fascinating not just because of their frankly bizarre swagger, but because you’re never quite sure if they’re going to attack him or hug him—these are, after all, wild animals.


“I’ve done some difficult things in my life as a journalist. But this must be one of the most remarkable things that I’ve ever done in my life.”

All the while, he conscientiously holds his Canon SLR far above his head, in case the seals mistake it for a fish. Smart move, Charlie.

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3 responses to “Photographer Gets Adorably Crushed by Seals”

  1. Lois Bryan says:

    OH!!!! OHHH!!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece … it does my heart good!!!!!!

  2. Steve M says:

    And THAT everyone, is why spending some time with nature and your camera is THEE BEST therapy you could ever have! Best of all…. it’s free. Step out of the box sometimes, you may be surprised.

  3. Denise C says:

    Absolutely wonderful!

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