Ski & Mountaineering Photography Techniques

As winter approaches and snow vacations are in sight, you get an inspiration to shoot incredible and mesmerizing pictures from your snow expeditions. But ever wonder how exactly you should do it?

Mark Fisher, photographer/founder of Fisher Creative, is probably the best person to explain that. Mark is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after and published ski photographers in the world—his true passion for Alaska and for sports were the top ingredients for his work’s excellency.

Here, Mark leads a presentation on gravity-inspired photography, divided in two parts: starting with a context introduction, regarding Mark’s own work photographing the world’s top skiers (mostly in Alaska) and the story behind each shot he addressed; and secondly, a particular case study (a recent ski expedition to Mt. Shishapangma in Tibet), as he discusses his work as a photographer/filmmaker and an athlete, and what he had to face with while working at 8,000 meters. Please be advised that the following video contains the whole one-hour lecture by Mark Fisher:

Apart from this walk-through of Mark’s work on ski and expedition photography, he also takes some time to thoroughly discuss gear, techniques, and his approach to photography and film-making in general, while highlighting the spirit of adventure and the stories hidden in each shot.

Ski Photography ExpeditionSki Photography ExpeditionSki Photography ExpeditionSki Photography Expedition

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  1. Audrey Hona says:

    Although knowing which lenses work best in given conditions is important, a photographer also chooses a particular lens to produce a specific photographic effect.

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