Photographer Asks Girlfriend to Take Panorama, Proposes in the Final Shot!

Most people who have been seriously bitten by the photography bug develop a desire to incorporate photography into other endeavors in life — from travelling to food preparation to child rearing, etc. So why not combine it with the once-in-a-lifetime act of proposing marriage to a special someone? Photographer Brady Dyer did just that, tricking his girlfriend into taking a seemingly innocent 360 degree panorama of a lovely sunrise and then springing in for a romantic surprise:

At the end of the long panorama, Brady is seen holding a shiny engagement ring. It takes a full couple of seconds before his girlfriend realizes what’s going on and starts shrieking in glee. Though her reply is not captured in the video, we are pleased to know that, indeed, she said yes.

marriage proposal at the end of a panorama

And that is how photographers, or at least the romantic ones, get it done.

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