Unusual Concept in the News: Organized Photobomb Photography Session

The comedic timing of a well played photobomb is unrivaled in photographic comedy. So much in fact, that even celebrities are getting in on the humor. In the video below, Ken Jeong, crashes a fashion photoshoot, stealing the spotlight from the steamy models. Jeong is well known for his role on the TV series, Community, and, as you can see, he enjoys being in front of the camera in off time, too. Have a look:

Staged or not, the talent, including supermodel, Kate Upton, do a good job keeping a straight face or ignoring Jeong and his antics altogether. Not so easy to do when there is a well known actor gesturing with a pool noodle directly behind you.

fashion photography

As if crashing the photoshoot at one location wasn’t enough, Jeong really committed to the joke by following the crew to multiple locations. His tenacity almost becomes endearing by the time the shoot wraps up.

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