Look at this Instagram Song Goes Viral

If any of you use Instagram, you’ll certainly understand what this is about. For the uninitiated, Instagram is a widely popular social network application in which users are allowed to post their photographs after applying filters that instantly turn every picture into some kind of vintage work of art β€” pretty much like good old cameras used to shoot.

The thing is, with the massification of Instagram, users now tend to post useless pictures of useless day-life events and objects, questioning the true purpose of photography nowadays.

College Humor, in their comedic way of looking at things, made this funny video depicting all these people who continually keep posting pictures:

One thing is certain: Instagram is hugely addictive, as you get the feeling that you actually are a good photographer, even if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s a shame when this happens, but as we all know, things are what people actually make from them β€” and not exactly what they were conceived to do.

Instagram Photographers ComedyInstagram Photographers ComedyInstagram Photographers Comedy

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