Interesting Photo of the Day: Vivid Sydney Festival

Every year, Sydney is host to a festival dedicated to light, music, and ideas, called the Vivid Sydney Festival. During this festival, one can witness amazing immersive light projection. Projections transform various buildings and landmarks into an outdoor, night time canvas. The famous Sydney Opera House is one of such landmarks, and photographer Simon Chen managed to capture this astounding photograph  during the festival:

opera house during vivid sydney festival

“Opera House During Vivid Sydney Festival” by Simon Chen (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Chen shot this beautiful image from his office near Circular Quay in Sydney with his Nikon D7200 at 70mm. The photo is a composite of 6 photos, each a 5 minute exposure at f/8, ISO 100. Chen also used a 3 stop ND filter to lengthen the exposure time. He then stacked the 6 photos in Photoshop, masked some exposure off of the Opera House to recover the color patterns on it, and then retouched the image in Lightroom.

Now who wouldn’t love to work in an office that offers such a beautiful view?

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2 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Vivid Sydney Festival”

  1. Simon Chen says:

    Simon here, just found this in 2021, thanks for this beautiful write-up!

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