Interesting Photo of the Day: Train at Morant’s Curve

Some images make you question reality. The landscape, the weather, and the photographer’s vision and skill can sometimes work so well that the resulting image seems to be out of this world. Alexandra captured this photo at Morant’s Curve in Alberta, Canada:

“Train at Morant’s Curve” by Alexandra (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Besides the beautiful location, what immediately stands out is the color tone that the photographer has used to edit the image. The cold blue sky and the river contrast beautifully with the warm colors of the trees and train. The composition has been beautifully crafted, as well. The curve of the Bow River and the train in the foreground lead beautifully toward Mt. Fairview in the background.

“As the weather was uncertain that day, we decided to explore the Banff area. After roaming a few moments, we discovered this spot with people already waiting for the train! We decided to stay, and it ended being the best decision of the day. Even if it lasted a few minutes, the first seconds were very special: you [hear] the train coming from a distance and then, you finally see it in all [its] beauty! Ahhh it made my child’s heart so happy!”

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