Interesting Photo of the Day: The North Star

If you have the patience, photographing the night sky can be extremely rewarding. Using long single exposures or blending multiple images you can turn a typical everyday shot into an ethereal image. Take this image titled “Successfully captured the North Star” taken by Riresurmort; it captures a whole new perspective on the guiding star:

Stella Polaris photography

f/3.5, ISO 3200, 20 seconds (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Working outdoors at night offers very limited lighting. Luckily, you can counteract this issue by using proper techniques for longer exposure times to capture lighting your camera normally wouldn’t pick up on. Techniques can include mounting your camera to a tripod, using a remote cable release to allow for multiple shots (intervalometer), and/or locking your mirror.

Riresurmort used a Canon Rebel T5i, a tripod, and an intervalometer to capture 130 images in around an hour’s time span. With multiple RAW files, he used Photoshop to blend, edit, and stack the images to create this amazing landscape photograph of Stella Polaris with a wide variety of star trails surrounding it.

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