Interesting Photo of the Day: The Milky Way Over Dubai

You can associate a lot of things with Dubai: shopping, great food, breathtaking skyscrapers, and desert safaris. But one thing you’ll rarely hear tourists (more specifically photographers) say is, “Dubai is a great place┬áto shoot Milky Way photos.” I mean, no way, not with all that light pollution! If you’ve seen NASA’s images of Dubai at night you, know how difficult it is to make a Milky Way shot. The city shines like a beacon in the dark. So when photographer Siddharth Prem decided to shoot an image of the night sky from Dubai he had to travel to the outskirts of the city:

india long exposure of the sky

Milky Way over Dubai (Via SmugMug. Click image to see full size.)

As you can see even then the image reflects how the night sky is dominated by light pollution from the city. This was a very good result given the difficult conditions.

Prem catpured the image with a Canon EOS 6D at ISO 6400, 16mm, f/4, and 30 seconds. He says he used Lightroom to “make the light pollution easy on the eyes.”

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