Interesting Photo of the Day: Golden Light on Bruarfoss

Iceland definitely has to be one of those places blessed with unending beautiful landscapes. The landscapes around the island nation are so breathtaking that every avid traveler seems to have visited the place, or have it in their bucket list. Photographer Christian Scheiffele’s following image of a beautiful waterfall in Iceland is sure to make you want to visit the country:

waterfall in Iceland

“Golden Light Illuminating a Waterfall in Iceland” by Christian Scheiffele (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Scheiffele took the image with his Sony A7RIII and the 12-24mm G lens. The image is a manual blend of two different exposures to capture the greater dynamic range of the scene.

“It looks quite warm but it was freezing cold over there! This was the first time I experienced midnight sun. The picture was taken at around 10:30pm.”

Using a 6-stop neutral density filter, Scheiffele was able to take a long exposure of the scene. This resulted in the water appearing silky. So much, that it almost appears as mist. The path of the water flowing has worked great as a compelling foreground leading us to the waterfall in the mid-ground. The dramatic sky with beautiful clouds and the setting sun is yet another beautiful aspect of this image.

Scheifele has truly captured the beauty of this place with his high dynamic range image.

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