Interesting Photo of the Day: Colorado Starry Night

Crested Butte in Colorado is a popular destination for skiing, mountain biking, and various other adventure activities. As beautiful as the small town looks during the day, photographer Connor captured this bewildering image of the area at night:

Crested Butte

“Starry Night in Crested Butte, Colorado” by Connor (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Connor took the image with his Nikon D750 at f/4, ISO 2000, and 15 seconds.

While it may look like a composite of different exposures, it’s actually a single exposure. And this is exactly what makes the image a really interesting piece of work. Thanks to perfect sky conditions, Connor was able to expose for a short enough time to capture the starry sky.

The snowy foreground, the town in the middle, and the mountain with the starry sky in the background work brilliantly together as layers to add depth to the image.

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