Interesting Photo of the Day: Beautiful Morning in Bali

Early morning landscapes are truly magical. It’s not just the soft, golden light but also the natural elements that play so well together during the early hours of the day to make them look magnificent. Photographer Malthe Zimakoff got lucky one morning in Bali, Indonesia and captured this near perfect fairytale moment:

sunrise in Bali

“Beautiful Morning in Bali” by Malthe Zimakoff (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Zimakoff created this image by stitching multiple frames to form a panorama. And what he’s captured is truly beautiful.

The sunrise brushing off the top of the trees contrasts well with the darker regions of the image. Furthermore, the way the mist leads us from the foreground toward the mighty Mount Agung volcano in the background is an example of a well thought out composition. And to add to the mystical nature of the image, we have the beautiful golden glow of the early sunrise.

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