Interesting Photo of the Day: Accidental Moon Metering

Sometimes you make an error with your camera settings and end up with an image that turns out differently than you expected. In the occasion that you like the photo, you get surprised with an image that reminds you why photography is so awesome! Often, this mistake can be an adjustment that changes the lighting or framing of your shot. Most photographers will position themselves to take the shot again, but you never know when a mistake might produce an appealing photograph. In this case, it’s a camera adjustment that skews the light measurement of the moon’s surface:

exposure metering of the moon at night

“My DSLR Accidentally Metered the Dark Portion of the Moon” by FlansDigitalDotCom (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

For this photograph, FlansDigitalDotCom captured a nighttime shot of the moon. Initially, he meant to measure the brightness on the lit crest of the moon. Instead, his DSLR metered the dark portion, which in turn sharply illuminated the sliver shown in his photo. The end result resembles an eclipse and certainly sets itself apart from many other images taken of the moon. What an interesting, unique shot!

Has something like this ever happened to you and resulted in an image that you grew fond of? That’s one aspect of photography that never gets old!

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